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Conclusion at this point is I think I'm ready to make the jump. All the software is available.

I pulled the trigger today, 8/5/2006, and ordered the 51v.


First impressions - Nice. I'm pleased with the Sena case. SD memory is working. Wireless is working fine.

The Belkin F8D0004 travel adapters are wonderful except that they should come with the overseas adapters found on the F8P3001 kit for the Tungsten. The plug on the power pack is removeable and will operate on 110 or 240 automatically. I wrote to Belkin and they referred me to their UK office. Huh??? They provide these on the F8P3001, but no where else??? I can't buy them separately?? I can't be the only one that travels overseas and wants to take their Axim along. I guess I'll just have to buy a universal transformer, but I hate taking more stuff. I can't understand why they wouldn't offer the foreign adapters. I just ordered the F8P3001 from Buy.com for $25.99. These seem to be getting scarce as several retailers were out-of-stock, or as in Buy.com's case, stock was getting low. IMPORTANT NOTE: This travel adapter does not seem to sync the 51v. It will charge it, but the USB ports on your computer or hub will not supply enough power to the PDA to keep it "online" while the ActiveSync software attempts to connect to the device. While this cable is connected to the USB port and the PDA is on, a cycling situation occurs - evidenced by a flickering PDA screen - because the USB port cannot supply adequate power. This cycling is a protective process that turns off the charging function to protect the USB port. You can read more here and here, along with my post that tells you what I ended up with.

I installed a Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal screen protector. I followed the directions, but then the touch screen stopped working. What the ??????. Great, the touch screen broke. I try a soft reset and a hard reset, no joy. Now I gotta go through the warranty process and I'll end up with a refurb or something. I decide to poke around on aximsite.com and low and behold I stumble upon a thread where one guy says,

"just wondering...did you have a case on and how high did you drop it from? i did have a problem before with my x5's digitizer...the screen protector was on too close to the edge. if you have a screen protector, try taking it off and reapplying it."

Sure enough, I take off the screen protector, reapply and ta da!! The touch screen works again. Whew.... Watch out for that. I have no clue why this happens. I'll check the Boxwave site for an explanation. Ok, I'm back. Here you go- Q. Why doesn't my screen respond to my stylus with the ClearTouch on our screen?  A.The problem that you described is due to how ClearTouch was applied to your screen. It's really easy to fix, and only occurs if it was applied with too much pressure. To correct it, just remove ClearTouch and reapply it by gently laying it on top of your touchscreen. Then the "screen tension" will be even across the surface. Then after you've done that, you can then further improve the digitizer's accuracy by re-calibrating it.

8-21-2006 My battery was losing charge must faster than I feel it should (it's on standby) even though I wasn't using it. After some poking around, I see Activesync running and forum posts say I should try the "fake server" trick. After making that change, Activesync still comes on by itself. I read somewhere that a hard reset may help. I just did that and will let you know. I'm back. That didn't help. I followed a suggestion to remove the poutlook item from the startup. Sure enough, after removing it, Activesync doesn't start anymore. Yea!! Here's a good thread discussing the ActiveSync issues.

Update - Not only is my battery not losing battery, but it's also not giving me the "Backup Battery Low" warning that I've been seeing. Perhaps the poutlook had something to do with that too, although I doubt it.

8/21/2006 Looking for a better mp3 player tonight. Came across a good rating for PocketMusic and they even have a free version. I'll give it a whirl. Not that impressed with it, off it comes.

I also installed my Ritek 8 gig CF card today. I'm moving the music from SD ram to the CF ram. The transfer speeds for moving the data are about 300k per second. I put the CF card in my external memory reader and will transfer my entire 7 gig collection to it. I've been noticing an occasional "pause" in the music. The player is running, but no sound is coming out. Perhaps CF memory doesn't do so well at playing MP3 files. I'll put some songs on my SD RAM and see how it does.

I'm back. I'm not experiencing any "pauses" when playing MP3 files from SD RAM.

8/31/2006 Bought the following. Reason: Like listening to high quality audio and have an upcoming trip to Europe. I want to try hi-fidelity music with this and have plenty of batttery life.

Etymotics ER 4P Canal Phones, HeadRoom Total AirHead, (Why? -> Wife can listen with me, excellent reviews here, here and here when both are used together). If those links are dead, I've mirrored them here, here and here., 2 each, Mugen 3300 mAh batteries, Sena case, black, for extended batteries.

Bought a few games too - Across Lite Mobile (crosswords), Game Box Classics, Anthelion 2, and Hangman by Total Wireless Solutions.

9/1 Stumbled upon this when searching for a replacement for Windows Media Player. This is a pretty cool tweak. I've been having trouble with WMP locking up when playing some wmv files that I created using this DVD Ripper, which I've been evaluating. I installed Core Pocket Media player (TCPMP) today and it hasn't crashed once. You might consider monitoring http://www.htcwizardweb.net. It has some cool stuff. Installed MS Pocket Streets.


9/3/2006 Installed and imported my SplashID database. Installed Pocket Trip Reports. Installed, configured and tested Tom Thumb Time-to-Time for Quickbooks (links directly with QB so I can bill customers). Installed PocketXpdf from SourceForge(excellent alternative to the bloated 7 meg Acrobat for Pocket PC.) Installed WiFiFoFum. Registered Pocket DVD Wizard, Four Pockets Pinball, Resco Explorer, MemMaid.

9/4/2006 Windows Media Player Library is not showing the albums correctly. This seems to be the result of the ripping process. However, after re-ripping and putting the music on the PDA, the library still shows incorrect information and shows albums by the same artist as a separate artist. Here's how to fix this. First delete the artist from the library, delete the folders of the artist from the memory chip, update the library, rip your music accurately so the artist and album information are correct, put the music on the PDA, update the library, check to see if the library shows things correctly.

9/30/06 Spb Pocket Plus can be used to assign one of your hardware buttons to act like Alt-Tab in windows. Very handy.

I've been remiss in not keeping this diary up-to-date. A trip to Norway this month really made things tough to keep up with. Now I have pictures to sort through. I've been playing with many apps, many of them to make my trip to Norway more enjoyable. Here's a brief list of ones I've been using on the PC and the Axim. Pocket DVD Wizard (very cool), DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, (I'm legal folks), psShutXP, MemMaid, Pocket e-Sword, Pocket Xpdf, Pocket Trips 2, Spb Imageer (some maps I've made into jpg's won't zoom adequately with the built-in viewer), Core Pocket Media Player, Pocket PC Streets, Pocket Music, Currency Converter 2005, Weather Watcher for PPC, Time-to-Time for Quick Books by Tom Thumb Software. File Dialog Changer (a must have) http://www.pocketpcfreewares.com/en/index.php?soft=752. That's about it for now.

Even though it's been a very painful transition from the Palm OS, the capabilities of this computer never ceases to amaze me. It was the only computer I took to Europe. Since my camera has SD RAM, it was easy to pop the memory into my PDA and attach photos to E-mail to friends and family. It was also a way to "backup" my photos for safe keeping. The 8 gig CF RAM is very useful for this sort of thing.

I use my CF memory for music and movies. My backups are going to my 2 gig SD memory. I have found that most folks reserve the CF slot for peripherals like GPS, NIC, Modems and barcode scanners. Software for peripherals is installed to the system memory.

I've decided to include troubleshooting sections in my diary that cover specific areas of the Axim.

Sync Problems